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Using Organic Fertilizers In Your Garden

Why should you use organic fertilizers in your garden? Simply because they are good for your plants and good for the environment. Nearly 70 percent of water pollution comes from agricultural areas that use chemical fertilizers, according to the EPA. These chemicals leach into the water and cause soil erosion. While large-scale farming operations are a chief source of chemical fertilizers in water, home gardeners are also guilty of such pollution. However, many growers are attempting to correct their mistakes by using organic growing methods. Organic fertilizers are those that use organic soil amendments to raise the nutrient content and improve the soil characteristics of a garden. The addition of decomposing organic materials in an organic garden provides a natural fertilizer, supplying plants with the nutrients they need for optimal growth. These fertilizers also improve the nature of your garden soil, not matter what type you have. If your garden has clay soil, organic fertilizers preserve its tilth, which...


Planting A Hedge Rather Than Building A Fence

In a world of increased industrial activity and an overabundance of manufactured beauty, people are becoming more and more interested in the natural world. It is only natural then, that when considering how to divide their property from others; consumers are skipping past the chain link fencing and going directly to the garden center.The idea of using trees and shrubs as enclosures or to mark off space is not a new one. Hedges were used in 16th century Italian gardens to make avenues for travel within the garden, and hedgerows, which are simply lines of bushes or trees of the same species planted close enough for their limbs to intertwine, have been in use in England for more than seven hundred years.Hedges used as an alternative to fencing fulfill many more purposes than simply serving as a property line. They can keep wind and erosion to a minimum, cut out noise from traffic, and helps keep the neighborhood kids from running through your newly laid grass. Hedges also help to restore native plant life, which...


A Special Gift From Your Garden

Nothing works best and gives more pleasure than creating specialized gifts for friends and relatives on Christmas. The personal touch that you give adds to the value of the gift that money cannot add. If you are fond of gardening yourself and find that you end up with a large amount of vegetables or flowers each year, then making gifts out of the excess fruits and vegetables that your garden gives you may prove to be a great idea.You could make jars of pickles and stew tomatoes and can them. You could also pickle green beans or olives and put them in a transparent bottle to look presentable. If you have fruits from your garden then making preserves and jams is a good idea. Not only can you make large quantities and pack them individually but can also ensure that your relatives enjoy them for a long time. Raspberry or strawberry jam or syrup is a great idea. You could also decide to dehydrate apples and make an apple pie in a jar. This can be done by adding sugar and cinnamon to it. Then all you need to do to ...


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